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LIFEMASTERS is a virtual training platform providing on-demand access to time tested sales strategies specifically for life insurance professionals by life insurance sales masters.

In this ever-changing tax landscape, clients are looking for answers – and LIFEMASTERS is making them available to you.  Access the same estate planning strategies used by the 1%…starting right now!

Exclusive Free Tips

Turn Tax Reform into More Business Opportunities

If you thought tax reform removed the need for life insurance – think again. By implementing a little-known, but highly effective planning method, you and your clients can win with more coverage.

Take years off your learning curve with direct access to an industry leader, Jim Hebets who regularly writes $500 million in coverage each year. Find out now how using his Smart Play tips gives your clients more certainty and flexibility, and you more business.

Our experience speaks for itself. Now let it work for you.

Jim and Jamie Hebets, trusted advisors to elite members of the Forbes 400, share their estate planning expertise with you. Get access today. With more than $40 billion in life insurance face amount written, you can trust our expertise. Click above to get started.